Sustainable Orange Juice with full impact

This orange juice is made from 100% rescued oranges from overproduction in the supply chain that would have hit the bin without SPRK’s effort to match oversupply with demand, e.g. Lufthansa’s request for freshly squeezed orange juice. Background: surpluses become food waste when they are not redistributed fast enough. This is what we want to avoid. 

We at therefore make rapid supply & demand match-making possible so that resources and the climate are protected. 


Try the delicious OJ yourself that was created together with,  Lufthansa Industry Solutions, Lufthansa Group Taste & More and the Lufthansa Group CleanTech Hub!

Our Goal!

We at are building an AI-driven food marketplace, supported by Lufthansa Industry Solutions.

Who we are

We at are an impact start-up from Berlin, and digitize the food supply chain for an efficient and sustainable food industry. With our B2B platform, we enable exact match-making of supply and demand of surplus food along the food supply chain, building the necessary secondary market for surplus food that does not exist yet. In doing so, we involve all stakeholders from the supply chain to join us, working together as partners. Check out for yourself what drives us!

IT Cooperation & Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Through the technology partnership, Lufthansa Industry Solutions (LHIND) is helping us at to eliminate global food waste in the supply chain to increase efficiency and ultimately significantly reduce climate damage. Our B2B platform is a distribution platform that increasingly operates with the help of AI, which ultimately digitally connects all actors in the supply chain – suppliers, producers, logisticians, buyers. In this way, information about surpluses can be communicated digitally and quickly, and the (over)supply and demand of the best edible food from the supply chain can be brought into line. LHIND has been supporting us since mid-2021, developing individual modules together with us and thus helping to set up the SPRK distribution platform, especially in aspects related to data security and the system integration of partners for the data-driven transmission of corresponding supply chain surpluses. Learn more about the increasingly AI-driven distribution platform on our website or via Lufthansa’s CleanTech Hub page.

And what does orange juice have to do with IT cooperation?

Thanks to’s IT platform, perfectly edible surplus food from the supply chain is redistributed and quickly gets to where it is needed and can be consumed – living circular economy in a B2B context. The customers of the surplus goods from the food supply chain on the SPRK platform include industrial bulk buyers, care caterers, hospital suppliers, an increasing number of charitable institutions as well as company caterers – and thus also the Lufthansa Group Caterer Taste & More”.  Lufthansa Group Taste & More’s own-produced orange juice consists of at least 30 percent and sometimes even 100 percent oranges from surpluses in the supply chain of SPRK partners. With the sustainable use of oranges, the Lufthansa Group Caterer Taste & More shows how overproduced food can be used, inspires other buyers to try the same, and takes an important step towards greater sustainability. Further projects such as a fruit or vegetable smoothie of the day are already being planned with the Lufthansa Group.

You also want to contribute and help to make the food supply chain more efficient with SPRK? You want to use sustainable goods and recycled products at fair purchase costs – in view of rising inflation and increasing raw material prices? You have questions about the development of the IT platform and would like to get involved yourself and work in a company for a sustainable future?


Then get in touch with us and join our platform and mission for a digitalized food supply chain and more sustainability! Or check out the open job postings and submit your application. Together we change…the things we eat and the way we supply.

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Sarah Basteck

Head of Marketing & Communications

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