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Our vision is to reduce food waste throughout the supply chain, while having a positive impact on the climate. As a food tech company, we constantly recover many tons of food oversupply from our partners and bring it back into the cycle. The conception, production and distribution of delicious circular products from redistributed surplus food from the supply chain is one of our solutions.

Eat delicious food sustainably with SPRK

We produce our sustainable SPRK.manufactory products in Berlin in partnership with exclusive and high-quality manufacturers. In the production process, we use at least 54% perfectly edible surplus food.

Your options
with SPRK


improve your

Introduce surplus food into your existing production processes



Develop a new product together with us to provide even more sustainable options to your clients


improve your

Improve your margins due to our attractive purchasing prices

We use at least 86% surplus food in our tomato soup


Depending on the product idea, we check how much surplus food from the supply chain can be incorporated into the process. Factors such as the availability of the surplus play a decisive role, so that ultimately the production of the circular products can be ensured. 

For example, our tomato soup (Tomato 86%) is made from at least 86% surplus tomatoes from the supply chain.

SPRK Products

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Combat food waste at your business, notify us of any surplus, join SPRK as a mission partner, or maybe even join the team. Let’s talk about it.

Sarah Basteck

Head of Marketing and Communications

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