Turn waste
into value

Monetize your surplus food with SPRK without

having to coordinate with new partners.

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One partner handling all surplus

Want to minimize your food disposal costs? You probably already work with a non-profit partner, but they can’t take all your surplus and managing multiple partners ties up too many resources. Disposing of surplus food is not a long-term solution for you. Let’s change that together! We reliably take over the handling of your surpluses, while you concentrate on your core business. 

Reduce your disposal costs by informing us about your existing surpluses at an early stage. This way we can find suitable partners and open up new income streams for you. In addition, you contribute to reducing food waste in the supply chain.

Your benefits
with SPRK


Reduce costs

You get to reduce your disposal, handling, and personnel costs for managing surplus food.


Optimize processes

Join forces with us and let us gather details about your surplus automatically.


Generate revenue

We find demand for your surplus – and you generate revenue with each kg sold.


Reduce Co2 Emissions

You help to tackle climate change and avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions on a daily basis.

Your success ensured by technology!

With our AI-driven trading platform and forecast figures, we can optimize processes and order quantities so that there is less surplus in the long term. We reliably and systematically  collect any surplus that is produced along the food supply chain and generate added value. This is done by redistributing goods to partners or turning them into tradable circular products.

How it works

Make your food supply chain more efficient with us


Gather surplus data

We either collect this data at your warehouse or establish an automated pipeline to receive information on your surplus.


Find a match

We use your surplus data in our virtual inventory to find a demand partner among manufacturers, caterers, non-profit organizations, and others.



Depending on the match, we take over the logistics ourselves or arrange for a partner to pick up your surplus.

Let’s talk!

Let´s partner up
Combat food waste at your business, notify us of any surplus, join SPRK as a mission partner, or maybe even join the team. Let’s talk about it.


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