SPRK Timeline

July 2020

Extreme Tech Challenge

March 2021

Nomination for "Zu gut für die Tonne" Award

We are nominated for the German federal award ‘Zu gut für die Tonne’ in the ‘Digitalization’ category. The 2021 federal award focused on the connection between food waste and global warming.

June 2021

Google startup advisor

We are part of the Google Startup Advisor Program. The mission of the program is to support and empower social impact startups at scale to solve the world’s biggest problems.

December 2021

Strong partner for a circular Economy

We at SPRK.global expand our B2B partner network with fruit salad producer mirontell, fruit delivery service fruiton, and care sector caterer procuratio. The innovative and sustainable fruit salad becomes our first circular product.

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September 2022

Further processing of excess food in the supply chain

Our partnership with the world’s leading supplier of machines for the food industry, KRONEN has begun. By leveraging  KRONEN’s network in the food industry, further fresh, high-quality food of the supply chain is redistributed for processing.

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December 2022

SPRK Funding - €6 Million to prevent food waste

We have successfully closed a €6 million funding round.We use the funds primarily to expand the AI-powered trading platform.

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Growing team

We are already a team of more than 30 but we are still growing!

March 2020

SPRK is founded

SPRK’s idea of building a B2B trading platform for food was born back in 2017. After a successful proof of concept, SPRK.global was finally founded in March 2020.

November 2020

Seed funding secured

SPRK.global secures seven-figure seed funding. The founders of Toniebox/Boxine, the co-founder of Zanox Jens Hewald, the Corporate President of Samsung Electronics, and many other family-run companies, business angels, and entrepreneurs invest in our vision. With the fresh capital we build our technological distribution platform and expand our infrastructure and logistics.

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Seed funding 100%
May 2021

Deli by SPRK

Sustainable indulgence in Berlin: We are opening our first deli with dishes made from surplus food. The Deli by SPRK is part of the concept to redistribute and process surplus food in order to protect resources and the climate. The goal is for Germany’s capital to become free of food surplus within four years.

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June 2021

Greentech collaboration with LHIND

Together with LHIND Lufthansa Industry Solutions we are working on the digital platform to better distribute food surplus from the supply chain and conserve resources.

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April 2022

Catering partner opts for sustainability

Leading catering provider Eurest Deutschland (Compass Group) cooperates with us at SPRK.global. Thus Eurest provides their company catering facilities with sustainable fruit products.

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October 2021

Food surpluses from the supply chain agains hunger

Tons of perfectly edible surplus food from the supply chain are distributed to people in the Ukraine that are in desperate need of support. Our collaboration with the German Food Bridge (a project of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture – BMEL) is exemplary for a needs-oriented approach for a meaningful redistribution of surplus food.

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