Billion tons of food
is wasted per year

With our AI-driven technology platform we reduce food waste in the supply chain while driving down carbon emissions.

Become a partner and scale the impact!


Billion tons of food is wasted per year.

Our AI-driven technology platform aims to eliminate food waste in the supply chain while driving down carbon emissions.

Become a partner and scale the impact!

We strive to cut the 2.5 billion tons of food wasted in the supply chain each year in half by 2032.


Stop food waste in the supply chain

We digitize the food supply chain and support the needs-oriented and systematic use of surplus food of the supply chain


Reduce co2

We help to tackle climate change and to prevent unnecessary CO2 emissions


Save money

We reduce disposal costs of our suppliers and procurement costs of our demand partners


Save the planet

Join our new ecosystem, become a partner, use surplus food from the supply chain and protect important resources and our planet

The food supply chain is broken & inefficient

Most food is wasted in the food supply chain – before it gets into the hands of consumers.

Food waste is also one of the main sources of CO2 emissions, responsible for 6.3 gigatons of unnecessary CO2 each year.


What if there was a solution to the problem?

Welcome to SPRK!

With our AI-driven platform, we aim to eliminate food waste in the global supply chain. Our approach is to transform a major problem into benefits and a huge business opportunity for SPRK’s partners. Picture a food supply chain without food waste!


We strive to:

Avoid oversupply, i.e. waste in the supply chain

Move from waste to value

Protect resources and the environment

Facilitate systemic change

Get YOU on our side to scale our positive climate impact fast!

Do you want to help us
create this future?

Become a partner. Join SPRK as an employee. 

Invest in this vision with us. Connect with SPRK and like-minded individuals.

Overproduction and food waste are the result of an inefficient food supply chain. Food waste translates into massive CO2 emissions that are completely unnecessary. Every ton of food wasted generates 2.5 tons of CO2 equivalents.

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70% necessary food production

30% overproduced food

Food production

from waste

Aligning surplus food with demand allows waste to be used, creating circularity and revenue streams. By building and operating a global B2B food exchange, we can efficiently distribute perishable food surplus instead of allowing it to go to waste. Aided by technology and driven by conviction, all SPRK partners work with us to drive down greenhouse gas emissions and protect valuable resources.


We believe that the problem can be cracked together. That’s why we’re in the process of building strong partnerships with players in and outside of the food supply chain.

We create a sustainable future,
without food waste in the supply chain

Efficient matchmaking in real time!

Report surplus food

We visualize surplus food from farmers, importers, wholesalers, retailers, and processing companies so the market knows what food is available.

Understanding patterns

Analyzing available surplus food and demand preferences makes the supply chain more resilient; understanding patterns allows us to better connect supply and demand.

Facilitating matchmaking

When oversupply meets demand: We redistribute surplus food of the supply chain to catering companies, canteens, manufacturers, and non-profit organizations where it is needed and processed.

Our 4 ingredients for success

Maximize the impact

Resource efficiency

More than 2.5 billion tons of food is wasted globally each year due to an inefficient supply chain: a huge problem but a huge opportunity at the same time, to fix one of the biggest problems of our time.


With the help of our technology platform, we bring supply and demand together efficiently and on a large scale. We thereby reduce food waste in the supply chain and can even avoid it altogether in the long term.

Climate Impact

Food waste contributes to 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This is five times higher than the emissions from global air travel – another huge opportunity.


Stronger together. We believe in honest and committed relationships with business partners and NGO partners. Only together can we crack the global food waste problem.

The impact we have achieved so far

SPRK was founded in March 2020. So far, we’ve redistributed over 5.000 tons of food to partner companies, which all included surplus food.

> 200 partner companies and network partners

> 5.000 tons of food redistributed

> 12.000 tons of CO2 equivalents saved

> 10 wonderful board members

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations introduced 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests. At SPRK.global, we base our actions and our business model on these SDGs. We focus on SDG 12, 13, 17, and 2 in particular. Driven by technology, SPRK proactively builds bridges between business, society, and impact to bring systemic change to our planet.

Stronger together with you!

Success is rooted in strong partnerships

We believe that we can only crack the problem if industry participants team up together. That’s why we’re seeking mission partners from all affected segments of the supply chain – from farmers, manufacturers, retailers, and restaurant owners, down to the caring individual.

Let’s talk!

Let´s partner up
Combat food waste at your business, notify us of any surplus, join SPRK as a mission partner, or maybe even join the team. Let’s talk about it.

The SPRK Team

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