Get your groceries from SPRK

Buy perfectly edible surplus food & save money.

Actively help SPRK reduce unnecessary food waste.

Come visit us in Berlin-Tempelhof

Our warehouse store

Shop surplus food from the supply chain!

From refreshing drinks, long-lasting household staples, to tasty chilled products and even fresh flowers, the SPRK outlet across from our warehouse offers a wide selection of products.

Benefit from the high quality and low prices of overproduced food and buy exactly what and how much you need.

SPRK and Too Good To Go

We have been working together with Too Good To Go for over 1 year and we have already protected more than 1 million kilograms of food!


Most frequent questions and answers

You can purchase groceries in our warehouse store directly or via the Too Good To Go app. In the warehouse store you can choose from a wide range of groceries without using the app. Please note that we only accept card payment.

We source the surplus food from our extensive partner ecosystem of agricultural producers, wholesalers and retailers, central warehouses, logistics companies and much more. The food is of the highest quality, sometimes does not fit the retailer’s requirements (e.g. under 6 months to best before date) or has been over-produced/over-calculated.

We are constantly planning new (Berlin) locations – so stay tuned, maybe we will be in your neighborhood soon. If you don’t want to wait until then, network with like-minded people in Too Good To Go groups, like on Facebook, and start a carpool.

No, SPRK does not deliver food to individuals.

For questions regarding Too Good To Go, please contact the customer service via the Too Good To Go app. 


Regarding our warehouse outlet, we are currently not able to keep up with the amount of inquiries due to limited capacities as we still are are a small start-up team. Thus we ask you for your understanding, that inquiries on our warehouse outlet will be left unanswered until further notice. Should you have urgent questions (e.g. concerning your purchase) please get into touch with our colleagues directly at the location.


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