At SPRK, we work every day to increase the efficiency of the food supply chain.

We are a diverse team, working together and combining different talents and areas of expertise, so food waste and oversupply in the supply chain soon becomes a thing of the past. We strive to impact the world in a meaningful way and create a better tomorrow. We are already a team of more than 35 and we are still growing!


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SPRKs impact-driven approach relies on a meaningful vision. The entire team wants to make the world better through their work - at SPRK that’s possible.



Making fun a core part of our corporate culture effortlessly transforms work into an enjoyable adventure. It reminds us that success is not only about achieving goals but also about celebrating the journey together.



We believe that together, we can achieve more impact. We know that everyone has different skills and experiences they can bring to the table to make our shared vision even better.



We are thankful for everyone's amazing work to scale our shared impact. We know that without your skills and motivation, we wouldn’t be where we are now. We make it a habit to communicate this appreciation often and openly in our team.

Open Communication

Open communication

We value transparent and honest dialogue among team members which involves freely sharing ideas, concerns, feedback, and information, fostering an environment where everyone feels heard and valued.



Every team member is free to express their opinions and thoughts. We are all set on choosing the right path for SPRK and we trust each other's expertise.

Voices of the team

Your SPRK Benefits

Health Benefits

Working in a warehouse or an office can be physically demanding, so we offer regular, professional massages for all our employees.

Social Club

You also want to get involved in social and ecological issues and make the world a better place in your free time? At SPRK you can join our social club and support great projects as a team.

Free Food

Every week a fraction of the surplus food we get from our partners is transported to our office. All employees are welcome to take some of our perfectly edible surplus food with them and therewith save time and money on the regular grocery shopping trip.

Benefits Program

Our benefits program provides our employees with a monthly credit for personal purchases, giving you maximum flexibility regarding your spendings. Take your pick from a large variety of online shops, streaming services or gym subscriptions.


"At SPRK you immediately notice the shared motivation in having a positive impact on reducing food overproduction. Everybody is super helpful in getting you onboarded and integrating you into the team."

At, we live Diversity to the fullest.

We embrace a wide range of backgrounds, skills, and perspectives, recognizing the value of every team member. We’ve partnered with Inklupreneur and pledged to fill two positions with employees who have disabilities by 2024.

Our goal is to create an inclusive environment where all voices are heard and ideas are respected.

Let’s talk!

Let´s partner up!
Combat food waste at your business, notify us of any surplus, join SPRK as a mission partner, or maybe even join the team. Let’s talk about it.

Carolin Buder

People & Culture Manager

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